Here are an assortment of links for further research. One site in particular, Rumford Fireplaces created by Jim Buckley, deserves special recognition for its extensive articles and discussions on fireplaces.

Building a fire

The Art of Fire - an excellent method without a grate

Building a Fire (tipi style)

The forgotten art of building a fire - a great method using andirons, be careful of smoke

Building and maintaining a fire - thorough and useful article, but geared toward woodstoves

Preparing wood

How to split wood - great article on the “art” of wood splitting

Seasoning wood - helpful article on seasoning and stacking wood

Choosing the right wood, splitting and seasoning

Maul - example of a great maul for splitting

Fireplace add-ons

Pennsylvania Firebacks, Inc.

Grate Wall of Fire - excellent fireplace grate, utilises embers

Texas Fire Frame Grate - interesting fireplace grate, radiates more heat than a conventional grate

Ecofire grate - listed here simply for those who aren’t interested in learning to build an efficient fire but are interested in a grate which helps achieve one

Fire starters


Home-made fire starters

Super Cedar Fire Starters


Hayden Critiqued - rebuttal by Jim Buckley to a source of misinformation about open fireplaces

Rumford fireplaces

About Rumford fireplaces

Green Fireplaces

Rumford efficiency

Masonry heaters

Article describing masonry heaters

Wikipedia article


The Skinny on Fireplace Doors

Fireplace Emissions